New for 2015…

I am excited to announce, that after hours upon hours of work trying to teach myself how to be more WordPress savvy, that I will be saying GOODBYE to Miss Voyager and HELLO to Emily’s Endeavours!

When I started Miss Voyager, I had hopes of one day when I had some more spare money behind me to switch to a self hosted site and have as my new website address. However when I finally got around to doing this, someone had already bought the domain name (some kind of online dating company – awkward!). I know I could of had .org or some other site name, but it just doesn’t roll off the tongue like .com. So the only other option was to change the name of my website! I had already gotten quite sick of Miss Voyager anyway so that is fine by me!

My website will be hopefully launched within the next 24 hours – it isn’t perfect yet, but it is harder than I expected and very technical! I hope you all enjoy it when it is released- I also REALLY hope it works! I also noticed after I purchased the domain name that Americans spell Endeavours without the U… so this is not a spelling error, it’s just how it is meant to be spelled 😛

So for my last Miss Voyager sign off… Au Revoir friends!


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