7 Tips For Flying Like A Pro!

Tips for flying like a pro


As, unfortunately, we can’t all have the privilege of flying business class, long flights can be boring, uncomfortable and make you feel yuck. So even though these tips won’t take away all jealousy of walking through the business class aisles to get to your cattle class, they can make economy a bit more comfortable!

Flying tip 1




Make the most of pre-booking your seat – more and more people are using this option now so get in quick to make sure your not stuck in a middle seat (or near the toilets!)


Flying tip 2




Keep your belongings safe by trying to have your bag in the overhead locker directly opposite your seat, so you can keep your eye on it! I also have my handbag with my valuables under the seat in front of  me as an extra precaution.


Flying tip 3



Limit yourself to one alcoholic beverage. A wine is a great way to help you wind down and get drowsy! One drink on the ground is the equivalent of 2 to 3 drinks in the air. Stay hydrated with plenty of water, this will also help with the jet lag.


Flying tip 4




As hot and sunny as your destination may be, the airplane will not be so warm all the time! Wear something cozy and warm for the flight, with your shorts and flip flops in your carry on for when your close to landing.


Flying tip 5




– And your sanity! Bring your own noise cancelling headphones to help drown out the engine noise and the crying babies.


Flying tip 6



A lot of airlines these days, especially low cost carriers, will charge a ridiculous amount for a bite to eat. Save yourself a small fortune and pack your own snacks (due to tight regulations don’t take fruit though – or you may find yourself with a hefty fine if you forget to declare it!)


Flying tip 7




Sleeping pills may seem like a great idea to get you through a flight, however if you take high dosage sleeping pills you are at higher risk of getting blood clots. Also they can make you feel really groggy when you get to your destination.






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