New for 2015…

I am excited to announce, that after hours upon hours of work trying to teach myself how to be more WordPress savvy, that I will be saying GOODBYE to Miss Voyager and HELLO to Emily’s Endeavours!

When I started Miss Voyager, I had hopes of one day when I had some more spare money behind me to switch to a self hosted site and have as my new website address. However when I finally got around to doing this, someone had already bought the domain name (some kind of online dating company – awkward!). I know I could of had .org or some other site name, but it just doesn’t roll off the tongue like .com. So the only other option was to change the name of my website! I had already gotten quite sick of Miss Voyager anyway so that is fine by me!

My website will be hopefully launched within the next 24 hours – it isn’t perfect yet, but it is harder than I expected and very technical! I hope you all enjoy it when it is released- I also REALLY hope it works! I also noticed after I purchased the domain name that Americans spell Endeavours without the U… so this is not a spelling error, it’s just how it is meant to be spelled 😛

So for my last Miss Voyager sign off… Au Revoir friends!


Motivation Monday Week 10

New GoalsAs we come up to the New Year, it is a perfect time to remind ourselves of this quote by C.S Lewis. Even though this I am feeling old (I wish I could have stayed 22 forever!) it isn’t too late to decide to take a new path in life or to sell all my possessions and move to Africa! (Although I did that to move to Canada so now I don’t really have possessions…). But point of the matter is, whatever path we choose in life is not set in stone! If you aren’t happy in your career – change it! If you are sick of being stuck in your mundane hometown – leave! The world is your oyster 🙂

7 Tips For Flying Like A Pro!

Tips for flying like a pro


As, unfortunately, we can’t all have the privilege of flying business class, long flights can be boring, uncomfortable and make you feel yuck. So even though these tips won’t take away all jealousy of walking through the business class aisles to get to your cattle class, they can make economy a bit more comfortable!

Flying tip 1




Make the most of pre-booking your seat – more and more people are using this option now so get in quick to make sure your not stuck in a middle seat (or near the toilets!)


Flying tip 2




Keep your belongings safe by trying to have your bag in the overhead locker directly opposite your seat, so you can keep your eye on it! I also have my handbag with my valuables under the seat in front of  me as an extra precaution.


Flying tip 3



Limit yourself to one alcoholic beverage. A wine is a great way to help you wind down and get drowsy! One drink on the ground is the equivalent of 2 to 3 drinks in the air. Stay hydrated with plenty of water, this will also help with the jet lag.


Flying tip 4




As hot and sunny as your destination may be, the airplane will not be so warm all the time! Wear something cozy and warm for the flight, with your shorts and flip flops in your carry on for when your close to landing.


Flying tip 5




– And your sanity! Bring your own noise cancelling headphones to help drown out the engine noise and the crying babies.


Flying tip 6



A lot of airlines these days, especially low cost carriers, will charge a ridiculous amount for a bite to eat. Save yourself a small fortune and pack your own snacks (due to tight regulations don’t take fruit though – or you may find yourself with a hefty fine if you forget to declare it!)


Flying tip 7




Sleeping pills may seem like a great idea to get you through a flight, however if you take high dosage sleeping pills you are at higher risk of getting blood clots. Also they can make you feel really groggy when you get to your destination.





Motivation Monday – Week 9


No matter what life throws at us, we can find peace in knowing that our toughest trails won’t last forever, and in the end we will come out stronger! A short but sweet message today as I have been constantly hitting refresh on the news websites waiting for more news about the horrible Sydney Seige. My thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims – hopefully this will have a positive outcome and the hostages can be reunited with their love ones.


Motivation Monday – Week 8

So my excuse for having Motivation Monday on a Tuesday was I was thinking in Canadian time not New Zealand time… but hey at least it still works for part of the world! For another hour at least…

This weeks motivation comes from one of the greatest storytellers of all time… Dr Seuss! Everybody needs some Dr Seuss in their life, especially if its a quote like this one that will make you want to get out into the world and explore!

dr suess quote

On My Travel Bucketlist – Volunteering With Wildlife

A while ago, when I was working as a Travel Agent, I learned about i-to-i volunteering. They are a company who specialize in volunteer programs, who are globally recognized and have fantastic feedback about them. I have heard so many companies scamming people – including an instance that happened to a friend of mine – so I think it is REALLY important to find a trusted company who are passionate about their projects, who will look after you and make sure you are in a safe environment.

Volunteering isn’t always cheap – but the fee that you pay i-to-i for their programs goes to good use. Over half of it goes towards your accommodation/food/transport while you are there, and the rest going into marketing/administration (which of course is required to run a successful company) and support of their travel experts/24 hour emergency support team.

There are many volunteering trips they run that I would love to be a part of – so I thought I would share a few of their wildlife ones as inspiration!

1/ Live with lion cubs in South Africa


lion cub


  • Feeding and caring for lion cubs
  • Helping to look after other the animals at the reserve
  • Living in and enjoying life an incredible wildlife reserve
  • Participating in game drives on the reserve


 Playing, bathing, feeding and caring for the cubs, preparing food for the bigger cubs, raking and cleaning enclosures, mending and painting fences

2/ Panda conservation near Xi’an, China

Panda 4


  • Spending time with Giant Pandas – there are only 1000 left!
  • Experiencing China – a huge and mind-blowing country
  • Learning some Chinese


Various types of work with different kinds of animals, including helping with feeding and facilities maintenance. It is important to note that this project does not involve any hands on work with the pandas – they are not raised to tolerate human contact, so they will attack you!

3/ Elephant conservation and research in Sri Lanka



  • Monitoring wild elephants from a tree house
  • Learning all about field work and research techniques
  • Recording information on leopard signs and activities
  • Working with the local community to investigate & help reduce conflict between humans and animals
  • Helping to increase public awareness of the plight of the Asian elephant


Various, including monitoring and observing elephants, recording information on leopard signs and activities, sample collection and analysis, human conflict interviews and field surveys

You can find all these projects and more at:

Motivation Monday – Week 7

quote new eyes

I feel like the more I travel, and the more incredible landscapes I see, the more my eyes are opened to all the small parts of nature around me. It is hard to be awed by landscapes after being in Canada (especially the drive from Banff to Jasper – wow!) however now I am seeing the beauty in my surroundings back home in Wellington, New Zealand that I didn’t see before. The more you discover, the more you train your eyes to see the beauty every nook and cranny the world holds.