Motivation Monday – Week 4


Jumping up and down on a pool table spraying a bottle of bubbly over a packed pub celebrating the All Blacks winning the Rugby World Cup, viewing the fairy tale village of Portovenre in Italy looking like an illuminated with thousands of torches from a small boat off the coast, having my heart filled with love for the children I met and helped in orphanages, schools and slums in Fiji. These are just a few of the best moments I have experienced from in my life, none of which I could even begin to describe how much they touched my life. While most of these moments have been travelling, it is also just as important to have these moments in your everyday life back at home to stop you going crazy.

These are the moments that will stay with you forever, that you can pass down to your grandchildren. They are the moments worth putting in the effort of creating!

Live for the moments you can't put in words // travel // quote


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