Motivation Monday – Week 3

Yes, week 3 took a week longer than it should have. But seeing as it was Labour Day in New Zealand therefore a long weekend, my brain was in holiday mode and in no way, shape or form, capable of being inspiring.

“Today, I will make magic happen”. This one does sound a tad cheesier than the other quotes I’ve posted. I feel like this is the morning mantra of a Fairy Godmother. However in saying that, the Fairy Godmother does live a life we can all lead. Maybe not by conjuring up a new dress and heels at the swish of a wand (don’t we all wish), but just a simple small act of kindness can be a wish come true in the receivers eyes. Whether it is shouting someone their morning coffee, taking an hour of your day to help a friend in need, or helping someone with their workload, you can turn someone’s day around! I challenge everyone reading this to take a leaf out of the Fairy Godmothers handbook, and watch the magic work! Your day will instantly feel brighter and meaningful!

Inspiring Quote - Today, I will make magic happen


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