Motivation Monday – Week 2

After being overseas for a year, it can be hard to come home to friends having new cars, buying their first homes, having a way cooler wardrobe than me, etc etc. I am back driving my crappy little Toyota Corsa (which is in SERIOUS need of a paint job), back living with the parents, with a wardrobe that I’m sick of and a major lack of money. But there is no WAY I would of changed the last year for the world. Snowboarding, surfing, partying on countless work nights, snowmobiling, dining in 5 star restaurants, seeing the Empire State building, seeing Kurt Cobain’s hand written lyrics, Ziplining, seeing Lake Louise, having a bear in my backyard – just to name the few of the experiences I never would of had if I had spent all my money on possessions.

Now I am not some gypsy hippie that hates shopping and likes living off the land – I also did spend a nice sum of money on a Michael Korrs handbag, and a few too many clothes I wore once and decided I didn’t like. But after returning home and going back to the same-old everyday life I had pre-Canada, I have much less desire to shop and a lot more focus on saving to make new memories!

Collect Moments Not Things - Travel Quote - Miss Voyager blog  // Summer // Bonfire // Beach // Sunset // Tofino // Canada


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