Returning to Reality

The dream is up – the bubble has been left, Whistler, Canada is now the past tense and Wellington, New Zealand the present.

As much as I did not want to leave (screw you visas!) it has been great to be reunited with friends and family. And with meat pies and bread that doesn’t taste sweet.  Wellington has barely changed, and the only thing I really noticed that changed in Upper Hutt (where I live 40mins north of Wellington) is that KFC got an upgrade. The price of petrol was the exact same as I left at $2.18 a litre, only to go up again two days later. It is great to be on the exact same phone plan I was in Canada, however only paying NZD19.00 a month instead of CAD56.o0 a month. Going to the shop and paying the exact same price that’s advertised with no added tax is amazing, however paying quadruple the price for Cilantro (or as Kiwis call it, Coriander) is NOT cool. At all.

It does feel like I have stepped in a time machine and returned to 2013. Except the fact I’m jobless and broke. That just makes it worse. At least I have time to give this blog some TLC with all the spare time on my hands, and finish posting about my road trip and my last days in Whistler!

Until I get my 2500 photos sorted (from 2 different cameras + my iPhone, GAHHH) I will leave with a few pictures of my new/old home, Wellington.


Candyfloss Sunsets

Candyfloss Sunsets

Music by the Sea

Music by the Sea

Wellington's Waterfront

Wellington’s Waterfront





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