Why Leaving Whistler Sucks

The heading of this post is pretty depressive. But I am not going to sugar coat how I feel about leaving Whistler.

First of all, I think it is SO stupid how us Kiwis only get a one year visa, where as Australians get two years and can renew them, and even the Brits who only get one year can renew their visa as well! I have always been told that the New Zealand passport is one of the best passports to have visa wise, but I am not feeling it right now. One year doesn’t feel long enough to experience Canada! I would love to have the opportunity to work and live in another resort or city, but one year is only just long enough for Whistler alone.

Only a few more days of this being my view on my commute to work...

Only a few more days of this being my view on my commute to work…

Finding someone to fill my room when I am gone is also another massive pain in the backside. I thought it would be a lot easier than it is to find someone with all the new people coming to town for the winter- apparently not so much though. Also getting tired of people standing me up and messing me around when they are meant to come look at the place!

Then there is the HORRID chore of packing. Packing to go on vacation – I love it. Packing everything you have accumulated over the last year of your life into one suitcase and one backpack? I hate it. So much wardrobe culling! I never realized how much stuff I have actually purchased or have been given this past year.

At least I have my road trip next week to look forward to! As stressful as it is planning 7 or so people to co-ordinate themselves, at least it will be a fun time. As much as I hate the thought of leaving Canada, I am looking forward to being back with my friends, getting a place where I don’t have to share a room and being able to drive again. Then there is the long list of food I am dying to have back in my life – 1 year is too long without a good Steak and Cheese pie!


This view will be well missed...

This view will be well missed…


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