Hiking Joffre Lakes –

2nd Lake

Joffre Lakes was one of the hikes that had been on my bucket list for my Whistler Summer, however it meant I needed someone who had a car who was keen to do it also. In Whistler, if you are lucky to have friends with cars, you treat those friends like royalty (seriously, barely anyone has cars here). So when my flatmates who were leaving to go back home decided this will be their last hike I was so keen to jump on board!

I am not going to lie, the hike was HARD. For me at least. I thought I was reasonably fit after living in Whistler where it is such an active community, but my flatmates put me to shame with them bolting up the super steep trails. It’s an 11km round hike, and most of it is pretty steep. Having two glacier fed lakes at the end of the hike upwards are the perfect reward – although you may be hot and sweaty from the hike, the water is still FREEEEEEEZZZING. Actually.

I have never seen such turquoise green lakes – I felt like I was in some real life Garden of Eden. Even on a cloudy overcast day the sun still managed to make the lakes sparkle and make everything look so vivid.

You can camp at Joffre Lakes – up at the 3rd lake, there is a camping spot which is pretty popular. Although, there is probably no way on earth I could manage to carry camping gear up that mountain, I could barely carry myself!

This hike has made me even more excited to go on my road trip to the Rockies in two weeks! I know it is going to be just as beautiful, maybe even more so!

Some fast facts on hiking Joffre Lakes:

– The drive is about 1 hour north from Whistler, or 3.5 hours from Vancouver

– The hike, depending on how fast you go, is around 3-4 hours

–  The trail used to be really rough and hard to follow, however in 2013 they cleared a proper trail so it is a lot more accessible. Good walking shoes are still necessary though as it is still pretty rough in some areas.

– Do not be like me, and forget to bring your memory card for your camera. Thankfully I had my i-phone, although I wish I had taken some better photos on my camera! Be well prepared to want to perfectly capture the beauty of the lakes!

– No cell reception (at least you can send snapchats later!)

– Dog friendly!



Joffre Lakes 2nd Lake

Joffre Lakes

Waterfall on the way to the 3rd Lake



Cute little bridge!


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