Squamish Valley Music Festival 2014

Never would I have ever thought that little old SQUAMISH would hold such a large music festival with an AMAZING line up. To put it into perspective, Squamish is a little town on the way from Vancouver to Whislter with a population of under 18,000. The only reason someone from Whistler would ever really go to Squamish is to do a Walmart stock up, or to do one of the adventure activities in the area.

When I had booked my trip to Canada, and then found out that while I was away Eminem was FINALLY for the first time coming to New Zealand. I was so guttered! So when I found out in the winter that he would be playing in Squamish at the festival I knew I had to go. On the day the tickets went on sale I was at work (naughty me) hitting refresh every few seconds so I was sure I got my hands on those tickets.

It wasn’t just Eminem I was excited to see though… I mean… Just look at this line up!




We were too cheap to pay for the festival camping, and I am so glad we didn’t! We found a nice wee spot next to the river about a 15 minute walk away from the festival grounds. If you camped at the festival campgrounds, it was about a 30 minute walk away and they had a shuttle running that had ridiculously long lines all the time.

There were a couple of clashes in the schedule which I was pretty upset about (why oh why did they put Foster the People and Bruno Mars on at the same time?) but I made it to pretty much everyone I wanted to see. I missed Chrvches though which I was a little guttered about but I am sure I will catch them one day!

One of the most amazing parts about the festival was the stunning scenery. It was a full moon that weekend and when the sun was setting, it lit up all the surrounding mountains beautifully. It felt like being in a dream, dancing away to live music on warm summer evenings.

Even though Eminem put on an awesome show (how could he not?!) I also LOVED The Arctic Monkeys. I never knew the lead singer was so beautiful to look at!

It has definitely made me desperate to buy more festival tickets, although that passion will have to go on hold for a while until I can afford to go overseas for another one! New Zealand has a couple a year, but none with line ups anywhere near as incredible! I need to find cheaper hobbies!


Squamish Fest

Squamish Fest

Squamish Fest

Squamish Fest

Squamish Fest

Squamish Fest




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