Dress To Impress Out Of A Suitcase

Trying to escape the typical backpacker fashion of shorts, worn out tee-shirt and ugly walking shoes and feeling like you fit in with the locals in the city you’re visiting can feel like a hard task when you’re living out of a backpack or suitcase for weeks on end.

It can also be easy to overpack, bringing all these clothes that you think will look amazing in all the selfies you will be taking, however you soon discover that the bright floral skirt you brought goes with nothing else you own, or the pretty dress you brought for going out clubbing at night needs to be ironed every single time you need to wear it.

I have put together a collection of my favorite Pinterest outfits that are perfect for packing for your next adventure (seriously, I don’t know what I would do without Pinterest in my life!)


The “Appropriate” Outfit

A lot of temples, places of worship, and holy sites will only allow you in if you are dressing appropriately – meaning you need to be covering you’re knees and shoulders. In Winter time this isn’t really an issue, but for example if you are in Rome trying to go to the Vatican City on a 40ºC day in August (I know from experience!) this can be more of an issue when all you want to wear is a tank top and shorts.

I am so glad the midi skirt has made a come-back as it is the perfect, pretty solution!

Midi Skirt, travel fashion Midi Skirt, travel fashion

















The Miracle Accessory

Hats are the perfect way to save a day where there is no time to do your hair, or when your outfit would otherwise be a little bit dull and boring. Plus, it protects your scalp from sunburn and you know what the say- safety first!

Travel Fashion Hat Travel Fashion Hat


Travel Fashion Hat and Stripes


The Day to Night Outfit

Rompers are a great option for a day of exploring through to a night of dinner and partying. Not to mention they are so effortless- none of this worrying about matching your skirt to your top! They are super light and don’t take up much room at all in your suitcase. I prefer plain black rompers as they are easy to accessorize- but floral rompers are also look great!

fashion 2BlackRomper2
















Feel free to share any other ideas on travel outfits! I always love an excuse to shop 😉






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