Whistler Day Trips- Waterfalls Galore

As amazing as Whistler is, sometimes you just need to escape the bubble and get explore more of the surroundings. So when my friend managed to score use of a car for the weekend, we jumped at the opportunity to get out and see as much as we could.

Of course, it just HAD to be around 25+ degrees (Celsius) all week and as soon as it came to our weekend it rained the whole time. We had originally planned to go camping, however with that idea out we headed up to Pemberton to check out Nairn Falls.

Pemberton is about a 30 minute drive north of Whistler, and Nairn Falls is just a couple of kms before Pemberton. The walk to the falls is about a 30 minutes in each direction, on flat yet uneven terrain. There are plenty of beautiful photo opportunities along the way, so make time for a lot of selfies!

Nairn Falls, Pemberton, BC

The walk to Nairn Falls

After the falls, we were starving so we continued into Pemberton to go to Mile One, a cafe we had heard amazing things about. The boys ordered a BLT Burger, and I had the Cheese Steak Sandwich, and OMG they were some of the best burgers we have had in our life. The BLT burgers were complete with pork belly and grilled apples, and my Cheese Steak Sandwich was on the softest bun ever and was full of cheesy goodness. The prices were really reasonable as well – around $10 for a burger. If only they had one in Whistler I would be eating here all the time! (My waist line is probably glad they don’t though…)

We then headed south of Whistler to Alexander Falls, which is just off the Sea to Sky Highway in the Callaghan Valley. It is about a 15 minute drive off the highway, and the falls are located right next to a car park so there is no walking involved for this one.


Alexander Falls, Callaghan Valley, BC

After a ton of selfies and poses in front of these falls, we headed further south to Brandywine Falls. The hike out to these falls is really easy, flat all the way. It took about 20 minutes each way, and not only were we greeted with the view of the spectacular falls but also of Daisy Lake nearby and all the mountains surrounding. We also went on a little side trail that took us to Swim Lake. I wouldn’t have really called it a lake, more like a pond and it was pretty murky so I definitely wouldn’t recommend swimming in it!

Brandywine Falls, BC

Daisy Lake, BC


Lastly we headed just past Squamish to Shannon Falls, which once again was a really easy 1o minute walk to get to. I think these were the most spectacular – actually looking up at the falls instead of across or down on them just makes them seem so much larger and surreal.

Shannon Falls, Squamish, BC

Of course our day ended in a Walmart trip and Tim Hortons (seriously it is not OK that Whistler has no Tim Hortons!) It was a pretty successful day in the end, even spite the constant rain!



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