Get off the beaten track! – Some Monday Inspiration

Nothing beats a stroll in the middle of nowhere, connecting with nature and finding peace in the midst of a stressful world!

This photo was taken on my casual stroll home from the village – got to love living in a place where this is part of your commute home.

Whistler is my happy place!


2 thoughts on “Get off the beaten track! – Some Monday Inspiration

  1. Hi Emily, I loved reading your blog! Im a Kiwi living in Australia and it was really cool to read a Kiwis perspective. Im hoping to do this next year with a friend but hes doing it through another company. Do you have any really important tips I could use? Also how much money would you recommend taking over?

    • Hi Michaela!

      I bought over around $3500 NZD, which was enough to get me through winter, get set up with basics over here (rent deposit, snow gear, spending money for the first month or so). However if you plan to stay a whole year or longer I would definitely recommend bringing more. The month of May is a really dead season and hard to get hours, so a lot of people used that month to go traveling. I really wish I had done that and headed somewhere like Mexico! It also depends on what job you are hoping to get over here. A lot of jobs don’t always guarantee full 40 hours so some pays you may not have much left over after rent/food etc so it is always good to have back up funds! Also make sure you look up the Facebook group Whistler Buy and Sell. That’s where everyone posts all their gear/clothes/furniture etc they want to get rid of and it goes so cheaply!

      Hope you do make it over here, you will love it!

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