Rafters by day, Rockstars by night – Wedge Rafting Whitewater Rodeo ’14

If you ever do a summer in Whistler (which you should, it’s beyond amazing), then you NEED to do the Wedge Rafting Whitewater Rodeo. It’s a must. No if’s or but’s about it. I am pretty sure this has been my highlight of the summer so far.

The Rodeo event is split up into 3 time slots- morning, midday and afternoon. There is 6 people in each team – so grab a bunch of mates who are equally as competitive and crazy as you! The rodeo consists of three events. The first is the Sumo-Wrestling, where a girl from your team puts on the rest of the teams life jackets, and wrestles another girl on an upside down raft (we lost that one…). Then there is “Flip the Raft” where all teams jump out of the water, flip the raft over then back again, then all jump back in it. That one we COULD have won if we listened to the instructions properly and brought our raft back to shore (so once again we lost). Then the real fun begins, and you race with the other 11 rafts down the rapids. Hitting other teams with paddles, holding on to their rafts – it’s all part of the fun. This one we didn’t exactly win, but we didn’t lose either so I am counting that as a win.

Then you have a couple of hours to get ready for one of the coolest dress up parties ever. We thought we had done pretty well with our Rockstar outfits, especially when in Whistler you have VERY limited shopping choices. Some teams though were amazing – the team that went as Spaghetti and Meatballs deservedly won that competition!

The party was on Cougar Mountain at the TAG base (The Adventure Group). Free unlimited beer, delicious burgers and a mint DJ – it was the best night! Work first thing the next morning? Not such the best day…




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