10 signs you have experienced “Whislife” (aka Whistralia)

1/ There is a ridiculously high chance that at some point you will lose/break your phone.

2/ You will forget how to walk in heels and going clubbing in Vans is the norm.

3/ A flannel shirt will become a wardrobe staple.

4/ If you haven’t experienced Fat Tony’s Pizza at 2am, you haven’t experienced Whistler.

5/ If you thought you were a patient person, you  have obviously never been in a lift line on a powder day.

6/ You thought you had grown past the stage by being impressed with any guy you date who has a car… now you want to be BFFs with anyone that knows someone with a car.

7/ You have also forgotten how to drive a car.

8/ You may think you do not like children, however when you find out how much extra money you can get from babysitting once a week you are suddenly find this new-found love for babies.


9/ A one way bus ticket to Vancouver is cheaper than having lunch on the mountain.

10/ As much as you complain about the low wages/cost of living, you have realized you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!




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