My New Obsession – An Idiot Abroad


A few days ago I discovered an amazing away to pass by time while I am too poor to do much- I found out how to get U.S Netflix in Canada! Social life = over. While browsing the huge selection of Movies/TV Shows/Documentaries, I stumbled upon An Idiot Abroad in the Reality TV section. I have always thought there is a pretty serious lack of travel-related reality TV that is fun, inspiring and  not so serious. When I saw Ricky Gervais was one of the producers, I knew it had to be good.

The series is about Karl Pilkington – a sheltered, very opinionated guy who has never had any desire to step outside of his comfort zone to explore the world. He’s like the friend all of us travelers have who just cannot understand why we get excited by trying new foods, trying to communicate in other languages or seeing how the other half live. As Stephen Merchant (the other producer) says, he wants Karl to experience other cultures and to see if in any way it can change how he sees the world. Or in Ricky Gervais’s case – “I want him to hate it. I want him to hate every moment of it, for my own amusement.”

From eating Goats Eyes, to being kidnapped in Israel, to Kung Fu training in China, there is not a shortage of laughs or adventures in each episode. Each episode so far has had me in hysterics pretty much half the time! It can be a little offensive to some cultures/religions but as long as you don’t take it to seriously you can’t help but love it (except maybe the part of the episode in India when monks are doing yoga butt naked and you see things you wish you had never seen).

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2 thoughts on “My New Obsession – An Idiot Abroad

  1. You’re right, it’s a great show. To be fair to him, he’s got some valid points:
    “She gave me the jabs and said I was covered for every worst-case scenario, including being bitten by a dirty chimp. I told her this is why we have over-population problems. Why are idiots who annoy dirty chimps being protected?”

    Hahaha 😀

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