The Start of Something New – Whistler Summer 2014

The sun is making frequent visits, the bears are awake from hibernation, the largest mosquitoes I have ever seen are buzzing around – must mean it is almost summer!

May is a month of a real mix of weather- some mornings it is 3 degrees and then the next day it will reach 20+ degrees. It is about as unpredictable as the weather in Wellington in the middle of summer- but that is spring for you!

I started my new job at the end of April. As it is the dead season here, the hours have been really low and after moving into a new house and paying my one months rent in advance/bond/supplies/a bike to get to and from work, I have really had to watch what I spend more so than usual. I am so blessed to have a job already though as a lot of my friends haven’t found work yet, or their winter contracts ended on April 21st when Whistler mountain shut and their new jobs don’t start until the end of May/June when summer properly kicks in.

Apparently, this year a LOT more people have decided to extend their stay in Whistler for summer than in previous years which is why the jobs are harder to come by. On the plus side though, that just goes to show summer in Whistler really must be as amazing as everyone says it will be!

The last couple of weeks when I haven’t been working, I have mostly just spent my days at the lakes. Unlike most places, there isn’t really anyone around stopping you from drinking in public, so most people bring some beers or ciders down to the lake to spend the day and play some frisbee or footy. Lying in the sun, drinking a cold cider and reading my book made me really appreciate where I am in my life right now. I keep having thoughts through out my time here about how I am across the other side of the world earning next to minimum wage, struggling to keep any savings of any sort, and not really progressing a life long career as such. But when I was relaxing at the lake I realized I am so much happier in my life right now than I could have been back home (although if my friends and family were closer by that would be perfect!) It’s only a year of my life where I am not earning much money but I get to work in a fun job with no stress and great people, I get to spend my days off at the lake or hiking one of the many stunning trails, or trying my hand at downhill mountain biking. I live in a town where it feels like FOREVER if I haven’t seen one of my friends in a week, and if I am bored of staying at home one night there will always be something happening in the village. Also if I get sick of the bubble, Vancouver is only 2.5 hours away and I can get my city fix!

As summer starts to roll in, I thought it would be the perfect time for a fresh start- no more comfort food so I lose the few pounds I put on over winter, get outdoors more and make the most of the amazing scenery around me, and focus on my blog a bit more and show it some TLC! Even though I am definitely no WordPress Wiz and it took me ages to work out how to make the changes I have made on the blog, I am pretty proud of my end result! Next step – taking the course A Beautiful Mess is offering on blogging, and hopefully I can work towards getting my blog to the next level. So stay tuned in the hope I can actually do this! 🙂



Summer Days at Alta Lake



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