Saying Goodbye to Whistler Winter 13.14

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is the official last day of the 13.14 Whistler Winter season. Whistler mountain will close, with Blackcomb remaining open for another month. Most people’s contracts are ending, friends are leaving, and the snow is melting. The past 6 months have flown by and soon it will be all just a beautiful memory.

The last week has been by far my favorite week however – a perfect finish to the season. It started off with something to tick off my Bucket List – Snowmobiling! We did a tour with TAG – The Adventure Group. They drove us out to Cougar Mountain, which is about 10 minutes north of Whistler Village. We went on the one hour tour- it was a lot harder to get the hang of than I imagined, but definitely a lot more exhilarating than I was expecting! We went through bumpy terrain and through a lot of tight gaps and sharp corners to get to the top of the mountain which had the most stunning views. Even on a cloudy day the view did not disappoint! We managed to do the whole tour without anyone falling off their snowmobile, and ended the outing with a delicious hot pear cider.

Made it to the top of Cougar Mountain!

Made it to the top of Cougar Mountain!

Then was the event of the season – the World Ski and Snowboard Festival. The week-long event started off with De La Soul playing in the sunshine in the village, and the Big Air Snowboarding Comp. It was so cool to see the village so packed, and there were so many stalls giving away stuff – free Monster energy drinks, Coca Cola, Fish Sticks, Cliff Bars – I could have got used to that everyday! There were artists playing on the stage every afternoon, and events on during the day mostly in the terrain parks – and all for FREE!! Each evening a different bar had a gig on as well – although with working most days (yes, unfortunately reality meant still had to work most of the festival!) I didn’t see as much as I would have liked. I did however get the most important day of the festival off- the day after Shapeshifter played their night-time gig, which also happened to be the day of their afternoon gig in the Skiers Plaza.

Big Air Snowboarding Competition

Her voice is beyond amazing!

Sneaky Sound System













If you haven’t heard of Shapeshifter, they are the best band to come out of New Zealand. It’s a shame they aren’t up there with Lorde winning Grammys because they definitely deserve it! I made sure I was front row for both of the gigs. They Thursday night gig was a bit insane- it was in one of the biggest pubs in Whistler but there were so many people there to see them the “mosh pit” got a little crazy- I have the bruises all up my legs to prove it! Luckily it calmed down a bit after their first song and they played an amazing set.

This was my view of the stage (no zoom needed!)

The next day they played in the Skier Plaza in the village, and after a week of overcast and rainy days Whistler showed off for them with a beautiful sunny day. It felt like being back home in New Zealand- at a sunny outdoor concert with pretty much every Kiwi in Whistler around me in the front row singing along to every song.  And to top it off- I won a camera! The MC after the gig asked if there were any Kiwis in the crowd with their NZ Passport on them, which due to me losing my other I.D. I have had to carry around my passport as my I.D. So all that risk paid off!

I won an Olympus Tough Camera. It is waterproof and shockproof (aka Emily proof) and it takes AWESOME shots!

Although the World Ski and Snowboard Festival technically ended with The End party last night, I ended it on Friday night afterShapeshifter at theSkullcandy Party. The End party had so many good D.Js playing as well but I knew if I went I would be WAY too shattered for work the next morning ! Sometimes I hate playing the responsible Emily card but I suppose it has to be done!This week is my last week working for WhistlerBlackcomb in the reservations center, then I make a quick weekend getaway to Seattle before starting my new adventure withZiptrek next week! As much as the winter season has been amazing, I cannot wait to get started on my Part II of my Whistler adventure!

This felt like home :)

This felt like home 🙂

We were stoked to meet Shapeshifter- ignore my glowing eyes and terrible picture quality!

We were stoked to meet Shapeshifter- ignore my glowing eyes and terrible picture quality!


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