Update on the Whistler life

Ever since I returned from New York, life has been pretty crazy around here.

The moment I set on my way to New York I got a call from Ziptrek, a company that does Ziplining/Bear Tours/Eagle tours here, called to say they would like me to work with them for the summer as a Guest Services Agent! It was a great way to start my holiday, knowing I had a job lined up for summer. I start at Ziptrek in one month, it is so crazy how quickly winter is wrapping up!

The next big thing for me when I got back from New York was to find a house for the summer. There is no way I wanted to be stuck in staff housing for the summer! The gondola that takes us up the hill to staff housing closes at the end of April for over a month, and the hill to walk up is pretty steep and tiring at the best of times, so when there is still some snow on the hill and you have bags full of groceries it is not fun at all to climb!

I did have the option to move to Brio staff housing, which is down near the village and is a bit larger than staff accommodation that I am in now at Glacier, however it still is nowhere near as appealing as a real house. So I was pretty stoked when my friend asked me to move in with her and a bunch of her friends into a really nice large house only minutes from the village! I still have to share a bedroom, but it is MUCH larger and has two queen beds so can’t really complain! My rent will also drop down $40 a month and for such an upgrade of living conditions I am pretty happy with that. So out of staff housing and into a more bearable living condition come May 1st!


From this...

From this…




To this!

Since Spring is now upon us, it has really hit me that I don’t have much time left to snowboard. I wouldn’t really say I am completely happy with where I am with snowboarding, after a couple of bad bails (thankfully no broken bones) it really threw my confidence. I took part in the Arc’Teryx Woman’s camp this last weekend, in the hope it would restore my confidence. I was the only one in my level so I got a private instructor for two days! It was really helpful and heaps of fun. My confidence definitely isn’t 100% back, but it definitely improved after that weekend. The camp tself was great – après afterwards was fun, especially the second day when we left the organized après a little early and my instructor and I went to hang with her friends- who also happened to be hanging with Jamie Lynn, the Tony Hawk of snowboarding. Even though I will admit I had never heard of him before, at least I can say I have hung out with a pro snowboarder!

Spring Skiing!

Springtime on the Mountain!

Now that it is the end of March, it is the time when the people who aren’t staying for summer are starting to drift back home. It is a really weird concept, getting to know these people so well over the last 6 months and so many of them I may never see again! It is great to know though that I have so many more friends all over the world that I can go and visit (although, let’s be honest, 80% of them are all from Australia anyway).

I only have 3 more weeks of the reservations center to get through! Although I love our little team there, talking on the phone all day explaining the different types of lift tickets and selling ski lessons does do your head in quite quickly. I am ready for a new environment, a new challenge and a bunch of new friends at Ziptrek!

In my week between reservations and Ziptrek, I am hoping to do a quick getaway to Seattle so hopefully more on that soon!


My Playground!

My Playground!

Ciao for now,



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