A Bite Out of the Big Apple: Day 3/4

My 3rd and 4th day get to share a blog post. A) Because I have been slack in writing it and those last two days have kind of blurred into one and B) A lot of our time was spent shopping.IMG_4122

Our 3rd day started off with a visit to the American Museum of Natural History. Well, really it started off with about 4 different subway rides and ending up in Harlem because we got so confused with the subway stops and we didn’t realize on weekends some of the lines were express. After about 45 minutes of subway-ing though we finally made it, and our first stop was the Hayden Planetarium. It was a pretty amazing experience- you sit inside a dome and you are taken through space, while they talk about “how the world was formed”. As a Christian, I do not believe in the Big Bang theory so I found the narration a bit irrelevant, however it was still interesting and even if you don’t believe in the Big Bang it is still a spectacular show.

The rest of the museum was a little boring to be honest, I was only really excited by the exhibits that were in Night at the Museum! We tried to make the most of it however we left after about 1-2 hours.

Since the museum is right across the road from Central Park, we decided to take a stroll. It’s always in movies that are set in the summertime, so seeing it covered in snow was such a beautiful experience! The squirrels there were so friendly (which is exciting for us down under who are not used to seeing squirrels!) and it was truly like walking through a Winter Wonderland. We were also a bit too excited to see where Chuck and Blair got married on Gossip Girl… we had a bit of a fan girl moment there…

IMG_4221  IMG_4212


We had booked a matinee Broadway show- Chicago – as it was a little cheaper than the evening show and because it fit within our schedule well. After lunch and a wine at the cafe next to the Ambassador, we went and sat in our prime seats (front mezzanine, row b, in the centre!) and enjoyed the show. It was not what I was expecting at all – it was hilarious and SO well done! The girl who played Roxie reminded me so much of Emma Stone! She wasn’t the main actress that plays Roxie, although I could not picture anyone else in her role. She was brilliant.

After the show finished, we did a spot of shopping, then headed to Serendipity 3 for dinner. Luckily we weren’t very hungry when we arrived there- the wait was an hour and a half! We spent the time browsing Bloomingdales and wishing we were rich before heading back to be seated and to wait another 40 minutes for our food. It was worth the wait though- the actual meal was pretty average but luckily we didn’t eat much of it because the sundaes were TO DIE FOR. Seriously the best sundae I have had in my life. I am not surprised it has such a good reputation over the world!


Our fourth and final day was pretty much just spend shopping on 5th avenue. We treated ourselves with some Michael Kors, Tiffany’s and Henry Bendel, and then headed towards the Empire State Building. We timed it perfectly- we got up the top just as the sun was beginning to set, which made for some amazing views. It was pretty crowded, but still worth it!


We had a 4am bus to Washington DC to catch (we regretted booking that one pretty quickly!) so we had to pretty much pull an all nighter, which in New York shouldn’t be hard but when you have had minimal sleep for the last few nights it is pretty exhausting! We went to a very swanky posh rooftop bar, called 230 Fifth. After a few too many cocktails, we went ice skating at the Rockefeller centre! I am proud to say neither of us fell over, although we did feel like deer on ice especially next to the figure skater who was pulling all these fancy moves in the middle of the rink.


It was a pretty perfect way to end up our stay in New York! Although there is a TON of things I wish I had of done, I think we spent our time there well. I cannot wait to go back, although next time I will be really keen to head there in the summer so I don’t end each day with saturated feet! IMG_4400


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