A Bite out of the Big Apple: Day 2

After nowhere near enough sleep, Rebekah and I got up to hit the city nice and early. After an amazing breakfast at the diner next to our apartment, we headed off to visit the Museum of Modern Art.

The Museum of Modern Art was so incredible. I wrote about it a bit in my previous post, New York, New York. – but I feel like I cannot give it enough praise! Some of my favorite collections included Picasso and Andy Warhol, as I love the abstract way they look at art. Most of the pieces in the museum were very abstract and a lot of the collections were dedicated to everyday objects and architecture, that made you look at them in a whole new light. Some of my favorite pieces are below:

IMG_4008 IMG_4038 IMG_4022

We only spent a couple of hours here, but I could have spent all day. But sticking to our mission to see as much of New York as we could with so little time, it was time to keep exploring!

We then headed to the Metropolitan Museum, however it was SO busy by midday and we were also really wanting to head to the Brooklyn markets, we only visited the outside and the main entrance inside. However as it is such an amazing building, and such an iconic part of New York (and Gossip Girl!) I was just really happy I got to see it!

IMG_4060  IMG_4072

After that we made it our mission to find the Brooklyn Markets. We caught the subway down to the transfer point to the Brooklyn bound subway, and we needed to google the subway stop to get off at. It was so cold and wet, and there was no signal iIMG_4101n the station so we had to stand out in the rain trying to find the stop, so we were really relieved it didn’t take us long. We hopped back on the subway, and got off at 5th Ave in Brooklyn, and trudged through the snowy weather searching for the building it was held in.

It took us about 15 minutes of walking and getting our feet soaked in the slush to get to the address- however it was a small dodgy coffee shop there, not the flea markets we were expecting. We then looked up the website again and saw it actually said 5th Street NOT Avenue- confusing much? Tired, wet and annoyed we ended up just heading back to Manhattan. At least we saw a little bit of Brooklyn!

We ended our night with some more shopping on times square, and headed back to the apartment. All in all a great day- although I am still disappointed we never made it to the markets!




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