A Bite out of the Big Apple: Day 1

I am not normally a big fan of day by day run downs, however with just four days to see as much as we could in New York we crammed so much in that one post could not give it justice!1898282_788326724515062_832182601_n

Our time in New York g1798409_788326591181742_2019077853_not cut short with our flights being delayed with a snow storm, so we tried to fit 2 days worth of attractions into one day. In blustery cold winds (-7 degrees!!) we navigated the subway system to the 9/11 Memorial Sight. It seemed like a good way to start off our trip- remembering the cities tragic past and taking a moment to think about all the lives that were lost. It was really beautiful, not at all what I was expecting!

After making an impromptu Urban Outfitters stop so I could buy a scarf and beanie (I was really unprepared for that wind chill!) we headed down to the Staten Island Ferry. To be honest- I was quite disappointed with the Statue of Liberty! It was really small- movies make it look a LOT bigger. None the less it is still cool to say I have seen it now!1743611_788326674515067_42073726_n

On Staten Island we ventured out on a public bus to a pizza restaurant called “Good Fella’s” which Chevy, the owner of “Art of Pizza” back home in Upper Hutt tr1911703_788326971181704_1414476196_nained at. The chain has won awards for having the best pizzas in North America- including the amazing Vodka Pizza. Sounds really weird, I know, but is unbelievably AMAZING.

We caught the ferry back to Manhattan at sunset, and had really beautiful views on the way back. Still couldn’t get a good picture of the Statue of Liberty though, she was so far away and so small! By the time we got back on the subway it was completely dark, so we thought it would be the perfect time to hit Times Square.
Stepping out of the subway station into the glaring glittery lights of Times Square was unreal- it was beyond my expectations, and I could definitely see what all the hype about Times Square was about. It was like the place was on steroids- just so much happening everywhere, you definitely would not think it was a casual Thursday evening!

To finish the night, we went up to Top of the Rock. As a huge 30 Rock fan, this was pretty cool for me to even see the words “30 Rockefeller Plaza”!1925141_788330501181351_587813251_nBut the whole experience was amazing- there is nothing like seeing NYC all light up at night, with the Empire State building looking majestically over the city. As we caught the last elevator up at 11pm we didn’t get very long up here, but every moment we spent looking over the city was so stunning.


Day One was a crazy, emotional, exciting, yet tiring day! But sleep is not a thing in New York City, and it was all worth it!


Stay tuned for Day 2 coming at some stage hopefully sooner rather than later!








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