Update on the Whistler life

Ever since I returned from New York, life has been pretty crazy around here.

The moment I set on my way to New York I got a call from Ziptrek, a company that does Ziplining/Bear Tours/Eagle tours here, called to say they would like me to work with them for the summer as a Guest Services Agent! It was a great way to start my holiday, knowing I had a job lined up for summer. I start at Ziptrek in one month, it is so crazy how quickly winter is wrapping up!

The next big thing for me when I got back from New York was to find a house for the summer. There is no way I wanted to be stuck in staff housing for the summer! The gondola that takes us up the hill to staff housing closes at the end of April for over a month, and the hill to walk up is pretty steep and tiring at the best of times, so when there is still some snow on the hill and you have bags full of groceries it is not fun at all to climb!

I did have the option to move to Brio staff housing, which is down near the village and is a bit larger than staff accommodation that I am in now at Glacier, however it still is nowhere near as appealing as a real house. So I was pretty stoked when my friend asked me to move in with her and a bunch of her friends into a really nice large house only minutes from the village! I still have to share a bedroom, but it is MUCH larger and has two queen beds so can’t really complain! My rent will also drop down $40 a month and for such an upgrade of living conditions I am pretty happy with that. So out of staff housing and into a more bearable living condition come May 1st!


From this...

From this…




To this!

Since Spring is now upon us, it has really hit me that I don’t have much time left to snowboard. I wouldn’t really say I am completely happy with where I am with snowboarding, after a couple of bad bails (thankfully no broken bones) it really threw my confidence. I took part in the Arc’Teryx Woman’s camp this last weekend, in the hope it would restore my confidence. I was the only one in my level so I got a private instructor for two days! It was really helpful and heaps of fun. My confidence definitely isn’t 100% back, but it definitely improved after that weekend. The camp tself was great – après afterwards was fun, especially the second day when we left the organized après a little early and my instructor and I went to hang with her friends- who also happened to be hanging with Jamie Lynn, the Tony Hawk of snowboarding. Even though I will admit I had never heard of him before, at least I can say I have hung out with a pro snowboarder!

Spring Skiing!

Springtime on the Mountain!

Now that it is the end of March, it is the time when the people who aren’t staying for summer are starting to drift back home. It is a really weird concept, getting to know these people so well over the last 6 months and so many of them I may never see again! It is great to know though that I have so many more friends all over the world that I can go and visit (although, let’s be honest, 80% of them are all from Australia anyway).

I only have 3 more weeks of the reservations center to get through! Although I love our little team there, talking on the phone all day explaining the different types of lift tickets and selling ski lessons does do your head in quite quickly. I am ready for a new environment, a new challenge and a bunch of new friends at Ziptrek!

In my week between reservations and Ziptrek, I am hoping to do a quick getaway to Seattle so hopefully more on that soon!


My Playground!

My Playground!

Ciao for now,



A Bite Out of the Big Apple: Day 3/4

My 3rd and 4th day get to share a blog post. A) Because I have been slack in writing it and those last two days have kind of blurred into one and B) A lot of our time was spent shopping.IMG_4122

Our 3rd day started off with a visit to the American Museum of Natural History. Well, really it started off with about 4 different subway rides and ending up in Harlem because we got so confused with the subway stops and we didn’t realize on weekends some of the lines were express. After about 45 minutes of subway-ing though we finally made it, and our first stop was the Hayden Planetarium. It was a pretty amazing experience- you sit inside a dome and you are taken through space, while they talk about “how the world was formed”. As a Christian, I do not believe in the Big Bang theory so I found the narration a bit irrelevant, however it was still interesting and even if you don’t believe in the Big Bang it is still a spectacular show.

The rest of the museum was a little boring to be honest, I was only really excited by the exhibits that were in Night at the Museum! We tried to make the most of it however we left after about 1-2 hours.

Since the museum is right across the road from Central Park, we decided to take a stroll. It’s always in movies that are set in the summertime, so seeing it covered in snow was such a beautiful experience! The squirrels there were so friendly (which is exciting for us down under who are not used to seeing squirrels!) and it was truly like walking through a Winter Wonderland. We were also a bit too excited to see where Chuck and Blair got married on Gossip Girl… we had a bit of a fan girl moment there…

IMG_4221  IMG_4212


We had booked a matinee Broadway show- Chicago – as it was a little cheaper than the evening show and because it fit within our schedule well. After lunch and a wine at the cafe next to the Ambassador, we went and sat in our prime seats (front mezzanine, row b, in the centre!) and enjoyed the show. It was not what I was expecting at all – it was hilarious and SO well done! The girl who played Roxie reminded me so much of Emma Stone! She wasn’t the main actress that plays Roxie, although I could not picture anyone else in her role. She was brilliant.

After the show finished, we did a spot of shopping, then headed to Serendipity 3 for dinner. Luckily we weren’t very hungry when we arrived there- the wait was an hour and a half! We spent the time browsing Bloomingdales and wishing we were rich before heading back to be seated and to wait another 40 minutes for our food. It was worth the wait though- the actual meal was pretty average but luckily we didn’t eat much of it because the sundaes were TO DIE FOR. Seriously the best sundae I have had in my life. I am not surprised it has such a good reputation over the world!


Our fourth and final day was pretty much just spend shopping on 5th avenue. We treated ourselves with some Michael Kors, Tiffany’s and Henry Bendel, and then headed towards the Empire State Building. We timed it perfectly- we got up the top just as the sun was beginning to set, which made for some amazing views. It was pretty crowded, but still worth it!


We had a 4am bus to Washington DC to catch (we regretted booking that one pretty quickly!) so we had to pretty much pull an all nighter, which in New York shouldn’t be hard but when you have had minimal sleep for the last few nights it is pretty exhausting! We went to a very swanky posh rooftop bar, called 230 Fifth. After a few too many cocktails, we went ice skating at the Rockefeller centre! I am proud to say neither of us fell over, although we did feel like deer on ice especially next to the figure skater who was pulling all these fancy moves in the middle of the rink.


It was a pretty perfect way to end up our stay in New York! Although there is a TON of things I wish I had of done, I think we spent our time there well. I cannot wait to go back, although next time I will be really keen to head there in the summer so I don’t end each day with saturated feet! IMG_4400

A Bite out of the Big Apple: Day 2

After nowhere near enough sleep, Rebekah and I got up to hit the city nice and early. After an amazing breakfast at the diner next to our apartment, we headed off to visit the Museum of Modern Art.

The Museum of Modern Art was so incredible. I wrote about it a bit in my previous post, New York, New York. – but I feel like I cannot give it enough praise! Some of my favorite collections included Picasso and Andy Warhol, as I love the abstract way they look at art. Most of the pieces in the museum were very abstract and a lot of the collections were dedicated to everyday objects and architecture, that made you look at them in a whole new light. Some of my favorite pieces are below:

IMG_4008 IMG_4038 IMG_4022

We only spent a couple of hours here, but I could have spent all day. But sticking to our mission to see as much of New York as we could with so little time, it was time to keep exploring!

We then headed to the Metropolitan Museum, however it was SO busy by midday and we were also really wanting to head to the Brooklyn markets, we only visited the outside and the main entrance inside. However as it is such an amazing building, and such an iconic part of New York (and Gossip Girl!) I was just really happy I got to see it!

IMG_4060  IMG_4072

After that we made it our mission to find the Brooklyn Markets. We caught the subway down to the transfer point to the Brooklyn bound subway, and we needed to google the subway stop to get off at. It was so cold and wet, and there was no signal iIMG_4101n the station so we had to stand out in the rain trying to find the stop, so we were really relieved it didn’t take us long. We hopped back on the subway, and got off at 5th Ave in Brooklyn, and trudged through the snowy weather searching for the building it was held in.

It took us about 15 minutes of walking and getting our feet soaked in the slush to get to the address- however it was a small dodgy coffee shop there, not the flea markets we were expecting. We then looked up the website again and saw it actually said 5th Street NOT Avenue- confusing much? Tired, wet and annoyed we ended up just heading back to Manhattan. At least we saw a little bit of Brooklyn!

We ended our night with some more shopping on times square, and headed back to the apartment. All in all a great day- although I am still disappointed we never made it to the markets!



A Bite out of the Big Apple: Day 1

I am not normally a big fan of day by day run downs, however with just four days to see as much as we could in New York we crammed so much in that one post could not give it justice!1898282_788326724515062_832182601_n

Our time in New York g1798409_788326591181742_2019077853_not cut short with our flights being delayed with a snow storm, so we tried to fit 2 days worth of attractions into one day. In blustery cold winds (-7 degrees!!) we navigated the subway system to the 9/11 Memorial Sight. It seemed like a good way to start off our trip- remembering the cities tragic past and taking a moment to think about all the lives that were lost. It was really beautiful, not at all what I was expecting!

After making an impromptu Urban Outfitters stop so I could buy a scarf and beanie (I was really unprepared for that wind chill!) we headed down to the Staten Island Ferry. To be honest- I was quite disappointed with the Statue of Liberty! It was really small- movies make it look a LOT bigger. None the less it is still cool to say I have seen it now!1743611_788326674515067_42073726_n

On Staten Island we ventured out on a public bus to a pizza restaurant called “Good Fella’s” which Chevy, the owner of “Art of Pizza” back home in Upper Hutt tr1911703_788326971181704_1414476196_nained at. The chain has won awards for having the best pizzas in North America- including the amazing Vodka Pizza. Sounds really weird, I know, but is unbelievably AMAZING.

We caught the ferry back to Manhattan at sunset, and had really beautiful views on the way back. Still couldn’t get a good picture of the Statue of Liberty though, she was so far away and so small! By the time we got back on the subway it was completely dark, so we thought it would be the perfect time to hit Times Square.
Stepping out of the subway station into the glaring glittery lights of Times Square was unreal- it was beyond my expectations, and I could definitely see what all the hype about Times Square was about. It was like the place was on steroids- just so much happening everywhere, you definitely would not think it was a casual Thursday evening!

To finish the night, we went up to Top of the Rock. As a huge 30 Rock fan, this was pretty cool for me to even see the words “30 Rockefeller Plaza”!1925141_788330501181351_587813251_nBut the whole experience was amazing- there is nothing like seeing NYC all light up at night, with the Empire State building looking majestically over the city. As we caught the last elevator up at 11pm we didn’t get very long up here, but every moment we spent looking over the city was so stunning.


Day One was a crazy, emotional, exciting, yet tiring day! But sleep is not a thing in New York City, and it was all worth it!


Stay tuned for Day 2 coming at some stage hopefully sooner rather than later!