New York, New York!

My poor wee blog has been feeling quite neglected lately. But for a fair enough reason – I left the Whistler bubble to meet up with one of my best friends on a much-needed vacation – to the city I have always dreamed of going! NEW YORK!


However, just my luck – after a month of a dry winter in Whistler, with no new snow, the day before I leave it dumps down with a huge 24cm overnight! Although great for all my Whistler friends getting fresh snow to ride on, this was not so great for me- as New York also decided to have a massive dumping of snow and shut down all its airports. I discovered this literally while I was waiting in line to board my flight from Vancouver to Toronto, where I was SUPPOSED to have a two hour layover before flying into Newark. Not knowing what was going to happen when I got to Toronto didn’t exactly make for a stress-free flight!

My flight was a late night flight to Toronto, so I arrived at around 6:30am and headed straight for customer service. I was extremely lucky to be able to get on a direct flight that evening that would get me there by 9:00pm- they put me on the last seat! I was still missing half a day in New York but it was a lot better than the alternative of getting there at 5:00pm the next day. My friend Rebekah also had dramas with her flight from Nashville- and she managed to get on a standby flight with 23 people in front of her!! Prayers definitely answered! Oh and the free upgrade to business class they gave me also didn’t suck so much…

With just four days in New York, we really had to cram everything in. I will go a bit more in-depth about the trip in the upcoming blog posts- there is just so much to say about this amazing city! I will share my top 3 highlights of my trip though (pretty much just so I can reminisce on how amazing it was and how being back at work is SO not as glamorous).

1/ Rockefeller Centre

Top of the Rock was defi1958098_788330481181353_1199578422_nnitely a must-do for us. We had heard everywhere that it was the place to get the best views- and it is certainly true! We went up in the evening so we could look over the city at night- if we had more time, we would have gone up during the day as well as the ticket is valid from opening to close time (last upload at 11pm). It was such an amazing view- something you see so often in pictures but when you are actually there it feels so surreal.


Also on our last night, we went ice-skating at the Rockefeller Centre. It was not a cheap experience- around $40 for the skate hire and entry! But skating in the middle of this beautiful skate rink at night, with music playing and watching these amazing ice-skaters while we are clinging on to the sides was really worth it. Also the fact that so many celebrities post their Rockefeller ice-skating pictures on Instagram made us feel pretty cool… not going to lie.

2/ Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

I like to think of myself as a museum person- I like the thought of walking around a museum taking in all this history and being posh and all- but the reality is I get pretty bored with most museums. MoMA was much more my taste- a lot more hip, fun, alternative… (I really want to say and modern but I guess the name may give that away…?). I could of wandered around that museum all day if time permitted. My highlight of the museum was seeing Van Gough’s ‘Starry Night”- seeing such a famous painting that has been around for so long is such a special moment. It did not disappoint at all!

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A trip to New York would not be complete without a show on Broadway. We picked Chicago because it was a LOT cheaper than the ones we were originally thinking of going to (Book of Mormon, Lion King, etc) however I am so glad we picked this show! I had no idea what it was about until I got there, then when I read the description on the Playbill I thought we had actually picked a really slutty (mind my language) trashy show. I was so wrong- it was hilarious, the actors were incredible and I think it is my favorite show I have seen to date! We booked the matinée performance as it was a bit cheaper, and then splurged on a nice meal and bottle of wine afterwards!


Hopefully now that I am back to reality (if you can call living in Whistler reality) I will be more up to date with my blogging and my next New York post shouldn’t be far away!