Why hello there, 2014…

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an amazing NYE. I always try to plan amazing New Years Eve’s and try have them live up to the hype, although almost every year is a little underwhelming. Being in Whistler this year I thought it would be the best ever- my friend had won tickets to a NYE party for which tickets cost $115 (pretty much every club in Whistler was charging $75-150New Years Eve for tickets). They had made it sound pretty cool- circus performers, burlesque dancers, champagne and Hors D’Oeuvres, however by the time we got there around 10pm the Hors D’Oeuvre were almost gone, the circus acts had finished, every 20 minutes or so a dancer would come out and the only champagne was at midnight. I felt pretty bad for the people who paid for their tickets!

Even though NYE is never the most incredible night of the year like it’s always made out to me, New Years are always the perfect time to re-evaluate and take time to see where you want to be at the end of the year. As someone who LOVES to goal set, I love this time to reflect and to plan ahead.

I have always had a problem with trying to set my goals to be very specific with not much room for leeway, especially when it comes to travel. When I was a teenager, I always said I was going to visit 21 countries by the time I was 21. When I turned 21, I was a little bit disappointed as I had far from reached that goal. Which is silly, as I had already achieved so much for my age- I had traveled to Australia a few times, a couple of Pacific Islands, Singapore, Malaysia and part of Europe all with my own money before my 21st Birthday.

I also thought I would have a career I loved by now and settled down – and now I am living in Canada doing a season at a ski resort still having no idea what I want to do when I get home! If I hadn’t taken this risk though I would have missed out on this awesome experience.

So this year, instead of freaking out because I am getting older and still don’t really know what I am going to do with my life, I am going to make my resolutions a little more achievable, and character growing instead.

1. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff-

This has been a bit of a struggle for me while living in Whistler. Living with 3 other girls, 2 of whom I never knew before I got here, is definitely a learning curve. There has been a lot of times where one of the girls hasn’t cleaned her bowl sitting on the bench for 3 days, or when they leave shoes right in the doorway making it so easy to trip over. My job as well can be really frustrating when I get customers call complaining about the most ridiculous things or when it is so busy I can’t even catch a break. Some days, little things like this put me in such a foul mood the whole day which makes me miss home and miss my own space! I need to learn to not let it keep me down the whole day – I’m living and working at one of the best ski resorts, I have great friends here as well as enough money to survive on as well as the opportunity to snowboard on my days off. I definitely have it good, and I need to remind myself of that!

2. Don’t get sucked into the Whistler Party culture-

I’m not saying I need to stop going out altogether while I am here (like that would happen!) but I do admit I need to tone it down a little. The problem with there being something on every night of the week does not help someone who suffers from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) like myself! Instead of going out at least 3 times a week, I need to restrict myself to 1 or 2 nights. It was fun at first, but the more I go out the more I realize it’s exactly the same as every week so if I don’t go one night I am not missing out on much. I need to get myself back into shape and the extra calories from drinking don’t help! My bank account doesn’t like it either. I would much rather save that money to go towards a holiday!

3. Have more “Me” time-

Sharing a room in Whistler, working with my friends, something being on most nights of the week – it can be really hard to find time alone and when I do it’s usually stuck behind my laptop! I am going to dedicate one morning a week where I can just leave my laptop at home, go grab a coffee and breakfast and enjoy the place that I live in.

Quotes to Live by- You are never too old to set another goal, or dream a new dream. - C.S Lewis

Hopefully these goals are a bit more attainable that the goals made in my previous years, and I will try my hardest to make it the first year I have actually stuck to my resolutions.

I would love to hear your thoughts/goals/resolutions!

Ciao for now!


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