That’s A Wrap!

2013… You have treated me pretty nicely! Please keep it up for next year, it will be pretty hard to top the year I have had!

2013 was a massive growth year for me. FINALLY moving out of home for the first time at the start of the year, and by the end of the year living on the other side of the world in Canada… with a lot of fun times (and not so fun times) thrown in!

Here is just a little taste of what my year involved….

JANUARY was filled with the beach, parties, hikes, sunshine….

Boats, Wellington Harbour New Zealand IMG_0787

IMG_3540 IMG_1031  

FEBRUARY was the month I moved out of home! Also the month of the Rugby 7s in Wellington!

IMG_3542 IMG_3541IMG_1146

MARCH was the arrival off a couple of cute new flatmates. Finally became a bit of a cat person.

IMG_3434 IMG_3789IMG_3545 IMG_3546

APRIL I just casually WON A TRIP TO HAWAII!!!

IMG_1797 Surfboards at Waikiki Beach- Honolulu, Hawaii IMG_2498 IMG_1720

MAY… we were still in Hawaii for the start of May, then came back too broke to do anything else for that month…

IMG_2319 Surfboards in HawaiiIMG_2310 IMG_2591

JUNE I started (or attempted) to get serious about saving for Canada… but I did treat myself to a night at Phantom of the Opera and a few day trips around Wellington!

IMG_3159  IMG_3547 IMG_3543  IMG_3548

JULY was the month of the biggest party of the year- the Flight Centre Ball! And of course they went all out as usual… Mad Hatters Tea Party Flight Centre Style!

IMG_3557 IMG_3544IMG_3558 IMG_3560

AUGUST I had a mid winter Christmas party with my friends! Tried to spend as much time with friends as possible in my last 2 months in New Zealand!

IMG_3551  IMG_3549  IMG_3550

SEPTEMBER was my last month in New Zealand! Finished up work a little early so I could spend as much time with friends and family as possible, played tourist in my city as well as had my leaving party.

 988259_235042749984516_920444742_n IMG_3553IMG_3552 IMG_3556

OCTOBER the adventure began! Spent some time in Vancouver and Victoria before making my way to Whistler to settle down in my new home. Also started this blog, to keep in touch with everyone back home and to potentially turn it into something more!

 IMG_2184[1] IMG_1676 IMG_3561 IMG_1625

NOVEMBER Whistler came to life! The snow started falling, the village started pumping… and got to see my first ice hockey game! (Pretty much the only game the Canucks won this season…)

Whistler Winter Canada  IMG_3539IMG_3554  IMG_3555

DECEMBER and Winter is finally kicking in! Had my first White Christmas as well as started snowboarding (well trying…)

IMG_3562  IMG_3563 IMG_3564  IMG_3559

So I think all-in-all I have had a pretty good year! I am so grateful for everything I have been blessed with this year, and I will treasure this one forever. I hope 2014 brings more adventure, more friendships and more amazing memories!



My First White Christmas!

Another thing to tick off my bucket list- My very first White Christmas! After 21 years of summer-time Christmas’s, I finally got to experience a snowy Christmas in Whistler.

Christmas Tree!

Southern Hemisphere Christmas’s are pretty great. BBQs, the beach, summer dresses and cocktails… although in Wellington it is pretty much a 50/50 chance it will rain on Christmas day or I get sunburnt and it doesn’t go away in time for New Years Eve. But a white Christmas just feels so much more traditional- half the Christmas Carols actually make sence, swapping the cocktails for red wine and hot chocolate, wearing ugly Christmas sweaters without sweltering. Whistler Village is all lit up with pretty fairy lights and Christmas wreaths everywhere- strolling through the village at night is like walking through a Winter Wonderland.

Christmas time in Whistler, Canada

Even though I loved my very first winter Christmas (bar the working part of it) nothing is quite the same as being surrounded by family for Christmas! At least I had my Whistler Family to share this special Christmas with .

 photo 3

Snow and boots!  Christmas Turkey


Throwback Thursday… Magical Madrid

Madrid was my very first real life glimpse of Europe I ever got, and for that reason (and many more!) this city will always hold a spot in my heart.

We had flown to Madrid from Seoul, South Korea. After getting slightly lost in the airport (a corridor led us to a staircase… with a wall at the bottom and nowhere to go…) we caught the metro into the city. The trip itself took all of about 15 minutes, but one thing I hate about metros and subways is how they are underground so you can’t take in all the scenery while your travelling. I was just so ready after years of waiting to travel Europe to get out and explore the place I had only ever dreamed of being!

Those steps out of the metro station did not disappoint… The moment I walked out on to Gran Via I was in total awe. The buildings were more spectacular than I had imagined. To be honest I didn’t really have many expectations for Madrid, it was just the cheapest city for me to fly into with my itinerary. But I am so glad I got to see the city- so rich in history, good shopping, amazing food…

Here are a few pics of my quick visit!

So this is the staircase in Madrid's airport that leads to nowhere... confusing much??

So this is the staircase in Madrid’s airport that leads to nowhere… confusing much??

Our room at Hostal Ballesta. Great location- just off Gran Via, right in the heart of the city. Well priced as well- definitely recommend this place!

Our room at Hostal Ballesta. Great location- just off Gran Via, right in the heart of the city. Well priced as well- definitely recommend this place!

One of many of Madrid's beautiful buildings

One of many of Madrid’s beautiful buildings

Just can never get enough of Spain's amazing tapas!

Just can never get enough of Spain’s amazing tapas!

Royal Palace of Madrid