Update on the Whistler Life

What a hectic last couple of weeks I have had! Although the days at work can drag, the weeks here are flying by. It was two months yesterday since I left New Zealand, and it has gone so quickly. Every single night here there is something to do, and every time I am feeling responsible and have an early night I feel like I am missing out. I really need to get over that- it is really not helping my bank account or my weight! I feel like I have gained weight here already, with all the yum food and drinks.

Last week my friend Pascale came over from Montreal, it was so exciting having my very first visitor! We met on Contiki in Europe last year, so having poutine in a warm pub wearing layers of clothes was very different from a year ago where we were eating tapas in Spain or relaxing on the beaches of Nice. unfortunately she could only stay one night in Whistler before she went back to Vancouver, but we tried to fit in a little bit of sightseeing and a big night out within that time!


Then the next night my friend Amanda and I got to go into the city to watch a Canucks game. Best Canadian experience yet! We got our tickets through Club Shred (the kind of social committee at Whistler Blackcomb) for only $55 including the return bus trip to Vancouver. The tickets alone were worth $90 each! We also chose the perfect game to go to- Canucks FINALLY won and the atmosphere was amazing! It was the first ice hockey game I have actually watched, when I see it on TV I find it too hard to concentrate so normally give up pretty quick. Watching a live game though definitely made me a fan! The fights, the hotdogs and popcorn, the wild crowd…. love it.

IMG_3053   IMG_3029


This week I went out with some of the girls from work to Mongolie Grill- continuously voted Whistler’s top restaurant. We got a 50% off voucher which is how we could afford it, because I swear it must be Whistler’s most expensive restaurant. You get to fill a bowl with all the veggies/meats/sauces etc you like and then the chefs stirfry it on a massive stone grill for you. The whole night you get unlimited free rice and also a free miso soup. I had enough food to take home and last me two lunches, so definitely worth my money! The restaurant was so great, it was nice to go out for a fancy dinner after a couple of months just of pub meals.

IMG_3092 IMG_3087

It has been an expensive couple of weeks, but I have no regrets on the money I’ve spent. Although for the next few weeks I think I will be sticking with the cheap pub meals or my microwave meals!

Ciao for now 🙂


2 thoughts on “Update on the Whistler Life

  1. Hey Emily, thanks for posting all this information! I find myself checking your blog daily to see what you are up to in Whistler and if theres any info for me for my move for this coming season. I am coming over through TWHC at the end of this year, and was just wondering how much money you took over/spent during the season? I was hoping to have about 10,000 AUD but it is beginning to look more like $8000 AUD. Love the blog, its looking great!!

    • Hey Lauren! You are doing better than me already! I came over with approximately $3000 AUD, and that was enough for me. Mind you I did also have a job in reservations for WB, which meant I got guaranteed full time hours from the day I started. However with a lot of other departments people weren’t getting many hours until the season picked up around Christmas. Also if your planning on staying for summer, I would highly recommend using the month of May to do some travelling. It is such a dead season most work doesn’t start until the start of June. So many people I knew went to Mexico/California/Central America etc. I wish I had the money for that! Also if your buying ski/snowboard gear over here, keep an eye on the Facebook group Whistler Buy and Sell. That’s where everyone posts all their gear they want to get rid of and it goes so cheaply! You are going to love it over here 🙂

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