A Whistler Halloween

3 Days later and I can now say I am fully recovered from Halloween! The red fake blood has FINALLY come off my face (four showers and a bunch of make-up wipes later…) and caught up with sleep in time my first full work week now that training has finished.

Canadian Halloween was so incredible. I have never been a big Halloween fan and living in New Zealand it just isn’t a big deal. We may get a couple of trick or treaters each year and there will be one or two clubs in town having Halloween parties, but over here it just goes off!


I was a bit disappointed I couldn’t make it out to Vancouver the weekend before for the big Halloween parties in the city, but Whistler definitely made up for it! My first Halloween tradition was pumpkin carving, which I was so excited about since we can’t do that back home (our pumpkins are quite different to the ones over here). I wasn’t very good at it, and we spent the first 10 minutes trying to empty the pumpkin with our hands not realizing we needed spoons. Given that it was my first pumpkin though I was pretty proud of him, even though he did look way too cheerful to be a Halloween pumpkin.

A couple of nights after we went to an awesome haunted house- Hawthorne Manor: Meet the Hawthornes. It well exceeded my expectations the whole house was done up incredibly! From a Zombie dining room, to a murder scene in a nursery, to the zombie chasing us with a chainsaw… I had never screamed so much in my life! It was their second year doing it and I really hope they continue to do so. It was really popular and just a $5 donation to go through. Before 7:30pm they make it “child appropriate” so its good for all ages! Just maybe not anyone with phobias of clowns…IMG_2727

On Halloween night we went out to Tapley’s Farm, which is a neighborhood which all the houses go all out in decorating for the Trick or Treaters. These houses were incredible- graveyards, ghosts, coffins, a Breaking Bad meth lab… it was just like on the movies! All the kids from Whistler were dressed up in their adorable outfits trick or treating, while we just took photos, drunk hot cranberry juice and walked around in awe. The evening finished off with a fireworks display, and we headed back to staff housing where the grown-up fun began!

I dressed up as a vampire, not very original but with limited money + limited suitcase space I couldn’t really go for the whole amazing creative costume thing. We had pre-drinks in one of the common rooms at Glacier staff housing, then headed to Garf’s who were hosting an awesome Halloween party. Because it was a pretty cold night, no-one really wore any skanky Halloween costumes which was a refreshing change! Going to love this about the Whistler nightlife- jeans and a hoodie on a night out saves a lot of hassle.

I love how Halloween over here isn’t just one day- we had the whole week to experience it all! Next year Halloween back in New Zealand just won’t be the same… I definitely need to come back to do another Canadian or American Halloween 🙂

Ciao for Now!














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