Living the Whistler Life

I arrived in Whistler last week, have almost finished my training as a Reservations Host, and am slowly being able to find my way around this confusing village!

If anyone is planning on moving up for a season, here are a few helpful hints I have found out over the last week (sure there will be more to come!)


1/ If you are going to be living in Staff Housing, BRING A DOONA/DUVET/WHATEVER ELSE YOU CALL IT. I had heard this previously but kind of brushed it off. HOUSE give you a linen pack which has a base sheet, 1 normal sheet, a mink-like blanket and a flat pillow. I have been pretty cold the last few nights and finally managed to get down to the Re-Use it Centre down in Function Junction (a thrift store 2 bus rides away) and got myself another pillow and duvet that I will be washing a couple of times before I use it 🙂


2/ If you are wanting a shared room in Staff Housing, you may as well go for Brio accommodation. It is a little more expensive but the apartments are so much bigger than Glacier and there are only 4 to an apartment. If I wasn’t working at the Reservations Centre (2min walk from Glacier) I would have gone to Brio. Glacier has a reputation for being loud and a party place, but since I started work early before the mountains open I can’t really judge that yet…. so making sure I appreciate the peace and quiet now!


3/ Don’t go out drinking on the weekends. Bars hike up their prices for all the tourists and the mountains are so busy. If you get to pick your days off, pick something mid-week. If you’re a Club Shred member (you really should be coz they have awesome deals for just $2 a paycheck) Thursday nights at Merlins you get 2 free drinks between 5-7 and 40% off food!! Also Thursday night is the night where the main club Garfinkles goes off.


4/ Once you have your staff pass, ask the bars/pubs you go to for a “locals” sticker. Stick them on your pass and rake in the savings! Longhorns for example will give you 25% off if you have the sticker.


5/ PLEASE come and make the most of this place. If you don’t drink, that’s cool. If you’re not into the nightlife scene, that’s fine. If you can’t ski or snowboard (like I can’t yet!) that is also fine! You get free or discounted lessons! But if your going to come to Whistler and not do any of these things you are kind of coming to the wrong place. The pay here isn’t anywhere near as good as back home in NZ/OZ/UK or wherever. The whole village in Winter is centred around the Skiing/Snowboarding, Apres, the Nightlife and the adventures. If you aren’t into any one of these things, you are probably going to get so bored.


I hope this has been somewhat helpful if you are planning on coming over to Whistler for a winter. This is going to be the best winter of my life no doubt!






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