Vancouvering About

Vancouver. What an amazingly beautiful city.

I never expected to fall in love quite as much as I have with Vancouver. When I first arrived in Canada I spent a few days in Vancouver and it just rained constantly so I wasn’t a huge fan. Then coming back to gorgeous weather after I spent a week in Victoria, I quickly changed my mind.

I think Autumn (or Fall as I should be calling it now!) is the best time to visit, apart from the rain. But looking past that, this city has so many trees and parks that in the Autumn it is so pretty with these streets lined with orange trees, and the waterfront with so many coloured trees and lush green parks along the way.

Vancouver is one of the easiest cities I have ever had to master. Like NYC or Melbourne, the city is a grid layout and really easy to find your way around! There is good public transport, but I found pretty much everything was in walking distance while staying in the city.

I stayed at Samesun Backpackers, which is where the Working Holiday Club set you up with a free night when you do their Powder Package. It was a really cool lively backpackers, and I would really recommend staying here. They have an awesome activities program where each day of the week you can sign up for their outing of the day, whether it be a Fright Night tour leading up to Halloween or an afternoon trip across to Granville Island to check out the markets.

Granville Island is a short walk away from Downtown, it took me around 25-30 minutes to walk here. You can also catch a water taxi from several points around the harbour. Granville Island is home to Granville Island Public market, which is an amazing food market (with a few arts&crafts and other stuff mixed in there). I found this really similar to the Queen Victoria markets in Melbourne, really large and colourful and will make you really hungry!

The Seawall is a walk around Vancouver’s waterfront, that stretches out to 22km long. I did this across 2 days (because I am definitely not fit enough to do it in one!). A large part of it takes you around Stanley Park, so its great to see both attractions in one day. There are also plenty of bike hire shops around and cycle path as well so if you don’t have 2-3 hours to walk around the Stanley Park part then you can bike which takes around 1.5hrs.

If you’re after an adventurous holiday take a day trip up Grouse Mountain for the snow in the winter, or check out the grizzly bears and wolves in the Wildlife Refuge centre up the top of the mountain. During the summer there is ziplining, paragliding, hiking and some amazing views over Vancouver.

There are so many family friendly options as well in Vancouver. Stanley Park itself not only has huge children’s playgrounds and a miniature train, it is also home to the Vancouver Museum. Scienceworld is great if you want something educational and fun, or if you after a more adventurous outing there is the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park which takes you through the rainforest on a 70m high and 137m long suspension bridge!

I will leave you with some photos that will make you want to book your flight tonight!

Ciao for now 🙂

IMG_2184[1] IMG_1626 IMG_2126  67940_719685251379210_1833414832_nDSCN8917


5 thoughts on “Vancouvering About

  1. Hi! Just wanted to mention that I’m really enjoying your blog! The info you provide is great, and the pictures are gorgeous! Looks like a really great trip.

    I was wondering though…do you do all of these trips alone or with another person/group? If you do do it alone, you must be super-adventurous! Either way, I admire your drive to explore the world! 🙂

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