A little more about me….

IMG_3419So it is about time I put pen to paper (or fingers to keypad?) and start sharing my adventures, thoughts and inspirations with the world! (Or just with my mother and whoever else I force into reading my blog…)

I’m Emily, in my early 20’s who comes from a small town called Upper Hutt in New Zealand. Although if you meet me I will tell you I am from Wellington, which is where I worked while living in New Zealand and is about a 40 minute drive away (it avoids the “Um… where, sorry?” questions, and from anyone that knows Upper Hutt, the “Ew you’re from the Hutt?” statements). Upper Hutt isn’t a BAD town… just really small, a pain to get to, and a gang or two in the area. However it is also home to some stunning scenery, and it’s a really great place to raise a family… as long as you get out by the time you finish high school and go see the some more of the world.

I have been a travel agent for the past couple of years, and have just moved to CANADA a few days ago to take on a season at Whistler Blackcomb! After being an agent at Student Flights, I got a bit too jealous of sending other people my age off on their big O.E’s and being stuck behind my desk working long hours. Don’t get me wrong- working for Flight Centre and Student Flights was absolutlely amazing. I got to travel to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Europe and Hawaii all on great agent rates 😛 It also taught me about all the places I haven’t yet travelled to, and it got to the point where I just needed to stop putting my own O.E off and book my one way flight to Canada!

For now, all I have signed up for is one season at Whistler, and then the next 6 months Canada is my oyster. Thinking of doing Banff for the Summer season, although I have refused to let myself plan that far ahead and just live in the moment!

Just a few fun facts to finish this “About Me” post off 😀

– My first international trip was to Fiji with my church on a missions trip, performing at local schools. Probably the most lifechanging trip a 16 year old girl could have!

– I am really, ridiculously in love with fries and aoili. I need help.

– I continuously attempt to teach myself French. It has been my New Years resoultion for years and I just cannot stick with it! Plus I am too poor to pay for the really expensive French tutors in Wellington.

– I used to be a dancer and a cheerleader for years on end. Not that you would know if you saw me out dancing in a club. You would think I’m a little white girl tryna get all Beyonce… and looking more like a Flight of the Conchords character they forgot to cast.

– Speaking of which, Flight of the Conchords are probably the best thing to happen to New Zealand. I like my comedy nice and dry, true New Zealand humour… so if you don’t laugh at my jokes that’s what I am going to blame it on.

Look forward to keeping you updated with my happenings!

Ciao for now,



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